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Sweet P's is all about celebrating the simplicity of life.

It's not about the computers and playstations, TV and all the new mod cons. But the simple things in life that we enjoy as a child and fascinate us like; daisy chains, magnets and fingers of toast with soft boiled eggs.
This makes the pictures and verses timeless. They have been created to transcend generations with highlights of growing up and the amazement of the discovery of all things new.

So how does it work?

Well we have two libraries of pictures and verses. A boys alphabet and a girls alphabet...
Girls Alphabet
Boys Alphabet

These alphabets are made up of multiple letters; three A's... two B's... three C's and so on. 

This allows us to create absolutely any name no matter what the spelling and without any repeat letters. And as mentioned earlier it also allows you to choose the pictures and verses that you prefer to make up your child's name.

More than just a Pretty Picture. It's Educational too.

We have heard back from delighted customers who have commented on how they refer to the poster as their child grows up.

 They learn how to spell their name from the poster.
Their full name and their birth details through to basic colours and sometimes the colours of the rainbow for the names of seven letters and more.

A Gift for Life

Parents more often than not, spend the term of the pregnancy (and sometimes longer) thinking of names for their precious bundles of joy who are on their way.

The second thing we give our child, after life, is their name.
So celebrate it, make it a work of art and something to admire.

How did it all begin?

Created in 1998 by grandfather graphic designers and artists Peter Burt and Greg Hall.

When Peter became a grandfather for the second time he decided to mark the event in a unique and very personal way and came up with the idea when he produced a couple of posters for his new grand daughter Alexandra and her older sister Samantha.

Drawing on the fondest memories of his own childhood, he created custom letters for each of the childrens' names, with an illustration and verse. It captured the innocence and magic of a child's imagination - the joy of simple things.

It also encaptured all the grownups who saw the colourful posters. Soon Peter was inundated with requests from parents and grandparents to create similar posters for their own children and grandchildren. So the product was born. During the following year more than 110 pictures and verses were created to form the alphabets you can now choose from.

From there Greg went about digitizing and systemizing the process so Sweet P NameFrames could be delivered online. Which is what you see here today. Since 1998 thousands have been produced and delivered to all corners of the globe.

 Greg produces the posters and manages the website to this day.

Poppa Greg with daughter Sarah and grand daughters Paige & Ruby.
Featuring Mocha the beloved Shar-Pei.

PS: Remember NO two Sweet P Baby Name Posters are the same.
If you would like to create your very own, choose the picture and verses as well as the colour of the letters. You can even add the birth details like in the picture below - click the button...
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